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"Make it Happen"

by Sam Lackey

This is the site for people who want to create change for the good of all, willing to do something personally and/or collectively to "Make It Happen" rather than depend on the unreliable people and circumstantial situations.  

Here you will find a form to join our "Make It Happen Team". 

The Team is you and others working towards a specific selected goal for good.  I will periodically post an endeavor for team members to evaluate. All team members would then decide if he or she will apply thought, energy, finance or make available other resources towards the effort.  Each team member will determine the part he or she can play in the achievement of our goal.

Each team member will do the part that he or she has selected that is within in his or her realm of comfort, energy and resources. 

Team member, you, will determine what you can do.

I request that you inform me of what you are willing to do via email or telephone so we can make sure that the action is not duplicated when it is not appropriate to do so.  

No dues and membership fees.

All living, breathing and thinking persons are eligible to be team members.

You join by simply filling out the form. 

As founder and coordinator I took the time think about this concept and website and now I am sharing it with you. Through the strength,  inspiration and free will given to me by the Almighty I made it happen.

Fill in the form and let's "Make It Happen".

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